Free chapter: Open in Case of Emergency

Crisis Mngt Cvr.jpg

The Second Edition of the multiple award-winning Nonprofit Marketing Handbook, includes this chapter on managing crisis communications. In dealing with the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on staff, constituents, and ability to continue their mission, the very sustainability of a nonprofit organization can be impacted by its communication efforts.

Author Ben Delaney hopes that distributing this guide to nonprofit crisis communications at no charge will be helpful to nonprofit leaders around the world. He said, “Nonprofit marketers need every tool they can find, so that their small budgets can stretch to do the work that is needed. A lot has changed since I first wrote this book. Nonprofits are facing crises of all sorts, from COVID-19 to leadership malfeasance to worker illnesses. In this chapter on crisis communications management. I offer guidelines i learned as an Executive Director to help nonprofits communicate effectively in these difficult times..”