Federation of Ontario Public Libraries

At least 44 Ontario library systems use this free service.

This program includes access to G1 driving practice tests to get folks ready for their G1 knowledge exam, as well all the information they need about getting their driver’s license. No library card required. Here’s some more info: https://www.g1.ca/library/
Since it’s summer and lots of teenagers are preparing for their driving test, this is something that may be worth sharing through public libraries in Ontario.
G1.ca offers a free online driver’s education program to Ontario’s libraries. Currently, 45 public and school libraries across the province already offer the program to their communities. The program includes free access to G1 driving practice tests to get your members ready for their knowledge exam at the DriveTest testing centre plus all the information they need about getting their driver’s license. There is no charge to the library or its members.
There are two ways your library can participate:
1) Include a link to the program (https://www.g1.ca) on their website (this is the most straightforward option). Promotional materials: https://www.g1.ca/promote/. Site logos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/acyoj9xoma6pg8v/AACyrpSGBpMjHiaNAeXP1zkHa?dl=0,
2) Sign up for a library-branded program (https://www.g1.ca/library/) to be able to receive usage statistics.
The program is designed to prepare both aspiring and experienced drivers (such as teenagers, newcomers to Ontario, or senior citizens) to pass their G1 knowledge exam. It includes unlimited access to practice tests for car and motorcycle, an exam simulator, and a G1-related FAQ. The program doesn’t collect any personal information from its users.
G1.ca is part of the Driving-Tests.org network. In the United States, over 2,300 libraries have been using the driver’s ed program for more than four years.
Andrei Zakhareuski,
G1.ca, Founder