A History in Going Fine Free – A Look at the Impact It could Have On Your Community

Has your library considered going fine free? Are you curious about what the real long term effects might be?

Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL) went fine free in 1970 after doing an internal study that showed the cost of collecting fines exceeded the amount collected. They then took the necessary steps to implement and become a fine free library. This policy has saved their library money, and more importantly, increased the amount of positive interactions with their patrons. They have seen a significant decrease in their overdue materials, with last year being less than 4%.

Going fine free is not an easy decision for any library, but Brenda Cameron, a Library Systems Coordinator for FVRL, is passionate about the impacts it has had on their library and their community. She has seen why eliminating fines has brought more people into the library especially since “fines most affect those least able to pay them.” She believes in the positive impact going fine free can have for all libraries.

Join us for this webinar where Brenda will discuss:

  • Fort Vancouver Regional Library’s history with going fine free
  • The process they adopted for collecting overdue materials
  • More about how your library can adopt this same policy

Register now and join us on March 12th to hear from a fellow librarian and learn more about this hot industry topic!



Date: Thurs, March 12
Time: 1pm ET / 5pm GMT
Place: Online
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