YES!!! You can engage with your MPPs and work with FOPL and OLA to an increase in the Public Library Operating Grant, greater support for First Nation public libraries and an Ontario Digital Library in the 2018 provincial budget.
Learn How.

On behalf of the FOPL and OLA Board of Directors, we hope you will consider extending Library Day at Queen’s Park to your community.

Library Day in Your Riding

Building on the success of Library Day at Queen’s Park, we are looking for representatives from the library sector to meet with their local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) between now and February 20th (when MPP’s return to Queen’s Park). These meetings are critical for building and maintaining momentum in support of our Budget submission and ask for increased funding for public, school and First Nations libraries across Ontario.

Join our Webinar – Tuesday January 16, 2018

Our goal is to have a clear and unified message on the necessity of increased support for libraries, while providing important local context for MPPs as to what this increased support (or lack thereof) will means for their communities and schools.

Hosted by OLA, the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL) and Counsel Public Affairs, our webinar on January 16 at 1:30 PM “Library Day in your Riding: Engaging your MPP in an Election Year” will help you prepare for meetings with your local MPP.

In this session, presenters will go over tips and resources to help you effectively:

1. Educate MPPs about the importance of libraries for education, poverty reduction and community economic development, and

2. Inform MPPs about the need for new funding for libraries in Ontario to seek support and input. This will include a review of the joint OLA/FOPL Pre-Budget submission that contains the budget recommendations and rationale. (Attached)

Your participation in this session, and in meeting with your local MPPs across the province, will make a key contribution to our efforts. We appreciate your time and look forward to you joining us.


Coordinating our efforts

OLA & FOPL are also looking to coordinate local meetings and outreach with MPPs to share key messages. We will coordinate with members in each district to make sure we are able to collectively cover as much ground as possible.

If you are interested in or planning on reaching out to your local MPP, please fill out this form or email Sarah Roberts, Ontario Library Association with:

  • your name,
  • contact information,
  • where you work/your role,
  • the name of your MPP, and
  • how you plan on reaching out (email, call, meeting)

Let us know how it went!

  • After you meet with your MPP, fill out this short feedback form to send to OLA/FOPL.

Thank you for your support!

Stephen Abram, MLS, FSLA
Executive Director, Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
Twitter: @foplnews
Twitter: @sabram