An Empathetic Approach to Customer Service Training

This informative and interactive program addresses customer service training by growing and nurturing empathy and empowering staff to navigate the gray areas in our policies. Using storytelling and group discussion, we will look at special and challenging situations such as code of conduct violations and difficult patrons.

Discover how understanding our own implicit biases and not assuming the worst of our patrons can help you offer consistent customer service to everyone we serve.

Attendees will:
• Understand how their emotional responses influence patron interactions and several tools they can use to create more positive results
• Identify at least one of their own implicit biases and understand they it can affect the customer service they offer
• Hear at least one personal story about customer service that can be used to improve customer service in their library

Original broadcast July 28, 2020

Biography ~ Molly Myers LaBadie
Molly Meyers LaBadie has been in Libraries for over 17 years, she was lucky to have four of those as a Library Trainer allowing her to train staff in customer service. Currently, as a Deputy Director, she finds that empathy for both staff and patrons is a powerful tool in offering exceptional customer service.