Now that we have reached the end of the school year, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate our success to date. We are immensely proud to see over 128 active Girls Who Code Clubs throughout 8 provinces in Canada.


Attached are the Girls Who Code Clubs affiliated with our partnership. It’s fantastic to see that these 16 Clubs have launched as a direct result of your efforts!

As one of our founding Community Partners, we truly value your support and contribution to closing the gender gap in Ontario. Every time you help to raise awareness on Girls Who Code Clubs, you are actively making a difference to the girls in your community.


We are continuously thinking about how we can better support our community partners, so that you can easily contribute to launching multiple Clubs. We have been busy adding additional resources which I am excited to share with you today.

As you know, we run weekly Canada webinar sessions that anyone can join to learn more about how to start a free Club or form a community partnership. Our partners now have access to our Girls Who Code Webinar presentation deck and Webinar recording, which can be found in your Outreach Toolkit. Feel free to share this with your network. If you feel your network would benefit from a bespoke webinar session, we are more than happy to tailor our presentation to fit your audience.

In addition, we’ve also added an Application Walkthrough Video. This video is a step by step guide for anyone completing our short online application form to start a Girls Who Code Club. Finally, our resources will be available in French starting in September!


As the new academic year is about to kick off, it would be great to share the news about our Clubs program with your network, so that we can engage more girls in the fall. We can discuss what events are being held and if Girls Who Code can be included in any communication or newsletters shared with educators and community based organisations. That way, schools, further education settings, libraries and community centres can launch a Club and start the school year making a positive impact through a Girls Who Code Project!



Aliénor Béjannin

Canada Partnership Coordinator

+1 (514) 659-3434
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