Girls Who Code’s Annual Summer Program Is Online This Year

“Each summer, the Girls Who Code organization offers a Summer Immersion Program to help girls learn ways to apply computer science concepts to personal projects. While it’s typically a seven-week, in-person affair, this year the program has changed to two weeks—and it’s online rather than in person.

Girls and non-binary students in grades 10-12 can apply to be part of the program. During those two weeks, participants will work for up to three hours a day through teacher-led instruction and small group work.

If you haven’t heard about the program before, it’s a pretty rad way for girls who are interested in computer science to not only learn more about it, but also develop connections with women working in the industry that they can then use as resources down the line when they’re looking at college programs or even looking for a job.

In week one of the online program, participants will build a personal portfolio website and a Buzzfeed-style personality quiz using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

“The focus is building sisterhood, community, and sparking interest in CS by engaging girls in creative and expressive projects and activities,” according to the group’s website. “Throughout the week, the class will engage in interactive mini-lessons that introduce or reinforce concepts that are learned through video tutorials. Girls will also be grouped into smaller cohorts or programming teams where they can collaborate and support one another as they tackle projects.”

In the second week, girls will work on one of two options for a final personal project. Options include a game design track and an activism web design track. With each track, girls will be given planning guidance, design resources, and past SIP and student projects for inspiration.

Like the program’s traditional in-person option, there will be three different tracks in order to keep class sizes small so everyone can get the attention they need:

Round 1: June 15 – 26th

Round 2: July 6 – 17th

Round 3: July 20 – 31st

Also like the group’s traditional summer programs, not everyone can get in. If you (presuming you’re in 10-12th grade) or your teen would like to be part of the free program, you’ll need to fill out this interest form on the Girls Who Code website. Those who are accepted to the program will receive an offer letter via email after the application process.”