Complimentary-Indigenous Education Activity Journal-Now Available!
New Release! is proud to share our new release!

“Nuttah & Kitchi Covid-19 Journal & Activity Book:
Project Protect Our People.”

Featuring  colouring pages and a unique gratitude tree, Traditional Knowledge activities, drawing & writing exercises, bingo, cut outs & more!  
**25 pages of activities for the family, students, educators and the community!

Written by Sandra Samatte & Illustrations by Julian Grafenauer.
#NuttahandKitchi A 2020 Production.

Accompanies our new
“Nuttah & Kitchi Project: Protect Our People, Stay Healthy-Keep Safe.” Ebook

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For a Free copy of the activity journal & the ebook pdf, please see the yellow tabs below.#WeAreinthisTogether

 Nuttah & Kitchi.pdf

Nuttah and Kitchi Journal & Activity Book pdf! Please click here to download. Thank you!
Nuttah and Kitchi EBook! Please click here to download pdf. Thank you!