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Regional Workshops on Governance Best Practices

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Library Board Training

Governance Best Practices Workshops

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Welcome to the first issue of the Governance HUB Newsletter. We look forward to bringing online resources, training opportunities, and the latest in Ontario public library news to your inbox.

We want to draw your attention to Regional Workshops on Governance Best Practices being offered this Spring across Ontario.

  • Learn about governance best practices that support informed decision-making and strategic oversight.
  • Find new approaches to doing things, and ways to improve board functioning and decision-making.
  • Network & participate in valuable discussion with your fellow public library board members from neighbouring communities.

We encourage all board members and library CEOs to attend.

Click below to learn more about the workshops and to find a location near you.

Resources, Resources, Resources

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Don’t forget to check out the many resources on the Governance HUB at !

For this introductory newsletter we thought it might be helpful to shine a spotlight on the Board-CEO relationship.

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