For those libraries that have larger rooms or a theatre with fixed seating that they’d like to re-open . . .

I thought there were the germs of a few good ideas here:

One Victoria Theatre reopened. It’s still in its temporary small space: with COVID-19 restrictions seating is reduced to 40 maximum. In a reversal of Academy Awards seat-fillers it’s the stars who fill some of the seats to ensure we mortals are correctly spaced.

Brainstorming with your staff could be fun on Zoom.  Perhaps you just want to put books on the seats that are ‘verboten’?  Maybe local celebs or cardholders holding their favourite book . . . sponsor an empty seat so we can be safe together!


And if you’re looking to try a cool fundraising idea for your library theatre or partnered with a Parks and Recreation facility . . .

How to get cardboard cutout of yourself in stands at Astros games

“When baseball season resumes next week, you won’t be in the stands at Minute Maid Park, but the Astros are willing to substitute your body with a cardboard cutout.

For $100, you can send the Astros a photo of yourself and it will be turned into a cutout and placed in an outfield seat during home games. Proceeds will go to the Astros Foundation, the team’s official charity.

The cutouts will be put in random seats in the Crawford Boxes, the Budweiser Patio and Bullpen and the Houston Methodist Hall of Fame Alley.

Before you get any slick ideas, the Astros have plenty of rules about approving the quality and appropriateness of your pictures. Selfies, blurry images, gestures deemed inappropriate, negative references to any player or team, the mention of any players’ names, political statements, third party logos, social media handles and hashtags all will be no-gos for the cutouts.

Wise-cracking Yankees and Dodgers fans can probably stop reading now.

The Astros offer tips on how to take the photo here, but basically, you’ll need to be wearing Astros gear, stand 3-4 feet away from the camera (no selfies), shoot the photo vertically, at eye level from the waist up. Here’s where you’ll need to go to upload the photo to the team.”