IFLA Releases: “How To Spot Fake News, COVID-19 Edition”

From the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA):

Global efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic have depended hugely on persuading people to change their behaviour. Ensuring full understanding of what people should – and should not – do have become an important part of the response.

This role has been made more complicated by the circulation of misleading news – an ‘infodemic’ as described by the World Health Organisation. Incorrect information about the virus and potential treatments and stories that try to create divisions and distrust risk reducing the effectiveness of efforts to stop the spread, as well as making for a slower and more painful recovery.

Libraries have long had a role in helping users become more critical and discerning with the information they find. Traditionally, these efforts have focused on students in academic libraries carrying out research, but in recent years, the need for everyone to have these skills has become clearer and clearer. This is particularly vital now.


In this situation, IFLA has produced an updated version of our popular ‘How To Spot Fake News’ infographic, with an increased focus on the need to check with authoritative sources, and recognition that much news now passes through messages on social media.

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