Almost six weeks after resuming interlibrary loan service, 91% of public libraries across Ontario are back online! By the beginning of September we should be up to 95%.

Attendance at the two webinars hosted in mid-June was very good with 234 registrants and 164 systems represented. Feedback about the sessions also was overwhelmingly positive. A recording of one of the sessions is available here for those of you who need a refresher and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.


Next steps:

In an effort to better understand how public libraries are adapting, in September we will be sending out a survey to all ILL operators. We will be seeking information regarding changes to your local ILL policies addressing such matters as, for example, patron borrowing, format limits, workflow. We will copy CEOs on the email as well and hope all libraries will respond. We will then collate this data to determine whether the provincial policies need to be further adapted. I hope to strike a working group to help with this task. Lita Barrie (CEO, Burlington PL) and Jennifer Stirling (Manager, Digital Library Services & Collections, Mississauga PL) have been working with me on this project already, and I would like to thank them and CELUPL for reaching out to SOLS. If you have suggestions or questions you would like to see on the survey, please free to email me by August 16th.


I know the last few months have been disruptive and I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks for your patience and support. SOLS has had to adapt to this new environment, and I know you have all had to make changes too. It has not been easy. I would remind everyone to please continue to contact helpdesk@sols.org if you have any questions regarding interlibrary loan or the Library Materials Rate and Shipping Tool. While SOLS may have suffered a “wee” setback, we’re still standing and continue to serve public libraries across Ontario.


Again, thank you all and make sure you enjoy this warm summer!



Barbara Franchetto, BA, MLS

Chief Executive Officer/Directrice générale

416.961.1669 ext./poste 5104




1 Yonge Street, suite 1504

Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E5