This week we presented our preliminary findings for the eMeasures Snapshot Survey at the 2020 Library Library Advocacy and Funding Conference (LAFCON). From the preliminary survey results*, we have been able to see where the responding libraries are excelling and where there is room for improvement as we move forward.
Libraries excel at delivering quality programs and ensuring access to the materials. The data shows that responding libraries were able to pivot these vital services from in-person to online. 59% of responding libraries increased their electronic materials spending** and 79% increased their virtual content***. Interestingly, when asked how libraries promote their online services, only 1% of responding libraries used Google Paid Search to advertise****.
The eMeasures survey provides a better understanding of what libraries are capable of and where more support is needed.
Don’t miss your opportunity to have your stories and data included as we look at the future of libraries. We urge you to participate in the eMeasures Snapshot Survey today. The survey will officially close Tuesday, September 22.
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Thank you for helping to push library advocacy forward.
While completing the survey, if you require assistance please contact
EveryLibrary Institute and Counting Opinions
Some questions asked were in response to COVID-19.
*prior to August 31, 2020, **N=594, ***N=561, ****N=436