Nearly every library knows where their WiFi works outside their branches.

SO, here’s some advice during the COVID-19 mandatory closures.  There is an official emergency declared in Ontario and we can all play our part.

  1. First and foremost leave it on!
  2. Remove any barriers to access (card numbers, sign-ins, fees, etc.)
  3. Determine where your WiFi works well (parking lots, on sidewalk, in building lobby, park benches, how far, etc.).  You know where -since every library tells me that they see users in their cars using it, sitting outside in the evening after hours, or seeing cops and civic workers using it for their work too!
  4. Promote it!  Use your website and social media. Remember, we know that at least 25% of Ontarians don’t have the internet at home and this increases when their work access disappears during work from home situations.
  5. If there are open places that offer printing and scanning. share this knowledge too.  Timmie’s WiFi can’t print your resume on their cash register receipts!

Your community will thank you.