Federation of Ontario Public Libraries

Librarianship: Saving The World One Community At A Time

by David Lankes

“Librarianship: Saving The World One Community At A Time” VALA 2016. Melbourne, Australia.

Abstract: We live in uncertain times of war, protest, terrorism, economic austerity, ecological disasters, and mass surveillance. What can librarians do to help communities in such turbulent times? Lankes will discuss how a proactive librarianship can build an alternative path to the growing “security versus freedom” narrative. Librarianship can shine in times of crisis, but it requires a focus on improving society over informing customers.
Slides: http://quartz.syr.edu/rdlankes/Presentations/2016/VALA.pdf
Audio: http://quartz.syr.edu/rdlankes/pod/2016/VALA.mp3

There is a video of David’s talk for VALA members.