On May 7, Assistant Deputy Minister, Kevin Finnerty emailed all public libraries and First Nation public libraries about the Broadband Modernization Feasibility Project which is an opportunity to explore the feasibility of an upgrade for public library broadband services.   Interested public libraries and First Nation public libraries are asked to email :  adam.haviaras@ontario.ca   and   rod.sawyer@ontario.ca  and provide key contact information.

Many key contact people for Internet services will be the library CEO or one of their delegated management staff.  In the case of some municipal public libraries including in smaller communities, a key contact may be at the municipality if administration of Internet services has been delegated to the municipality to manage on behalf of the public library board.  At First Nation public libraries, a key contact person administering public Internet services may be at the Band Office or Education Authority.

We ask that interested public libraries and First Nation public libraries respond by June 29, 2018.   If they can respond earlier than this, that would be appreciated.   Your help in promoting this opportunity and timely responses by the public library sector, will assist the Ministry in its work.  More details are in the attached documents, thanks – Rod

Rod Sawyer

Library Services Adviser

Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Telephone: (416) 314-7627

From: Beaudin, Lisa (MTCS) On Behalf Of Finnerty, Kevin (MTCS)
Sent: May 7, 2018 1:44 PM
To: Finnerty, Kevin (MTCS)
Subject: Exploring the Feasibility of an Upgrade to Library Broadband Service | Examen de faisabilité d’une mise à niveau du service de bande passante des bibliothèques


Please find attached a joint memo and accompanying Qs and As on exploring the feasibility of an upgrade to Library broadband service.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Kevin Finnerty

Assistant Deputy Minister

Culture Division

Qs and As Broadband 2018

Qs and As Broadband 2018 FR-CA

Joint ADM-CIO memo 2018

Joint ADM-CIO memo 2018 FR-CA