Elevate your library’s influence in the digital era with Library Impact Ontario’s cutting-edge free services. Unleash the power of Bridge data solution platform, receive expert data literacy support, and amplify your impact with compelling data storytelling for advocacy. Your library makes an impact, we can help you demonstrate it —sign up today.

Library Impact Ontario thrives on collaborative learning, fostering partnerships with libraries and wider library organizations to enhance practices and support digital inclusion efforts. Future-proof your library with our suite of services:

Bridge Data Solution Platform

Bridge provides technology outcome measurement to set performance benchmarks and equip Ontario libraries with readily available and comparable library data. See how Bridge’s automated customer and staff surveys, data dashboards and reports generate reliable insights, showcasing the value of your technology, optimizing resource management and helping you stay relevant in the digital age.

Data Literacy, Learning and Support

Boost your library’s success with our comprehensive approach to Data Literacy, Learning, and Support. We empower participating libraries by equipping them with essential data skills, fostering one-on-one connections, and offering networking opportunities for seamless support and collaboration.

Data Storytelling & Advocacy

Bridge brings meaning to library data. Transform complex statistics into compelling narratives, enhancing transparency, accountability and advocacy. Through our reports and findings, Ontario libraries are collaboratively advocating for libraries everywhere, as we redefine the way libraries’ profound contributions are understood and celebrated.

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