If this policy is applied to libraries it is a great example of privilege trumping equity. It is systemic discrimination against the all in the digital divide, poverty, reading challenged, etc. which often are more racialized or older aged. It shows how bad policy can be wrapped in environmental well-meaning goodness. I hope libraries in MB have already had meetings with the government (maybe it is just terrible legislative drafting?) or consider a court challenge if needed. If the government hasn’t backed up this policy with ubiquitous high speed free broadband (in all municipalities, reserves, and classrooms) as well laptop/tablet programs for all students in isolation/poverty/etc. then they’re truly coming from a place of privilege and fact-free knowledge. This is an educational opportunity before it’s a protest opportunity.  Sadly, it appears this policy was promulgated without consulting school boards, libraries or the newspaper sector in Manitoba.

Manitoba orders end to print subscriptions for public entities