Mississippi Mills Public Library removes all non-resident fees for Lanark County library users


The Mississippi Mills Public Library (MMPL) Board and staff believe the future of library services is sharing resources & information and breaking down barriers to access


31 March 2021 — The future of library services across Lanark County is sharing resources and knowledge without added costs to taxpayers. As the next step to County-wide reciprocal borrowing agreements among Lanark County library boards, Mississippi Mills Public Library (MMPL) has removed all non-resident fees for all Lanark County library users who wish to use MMPL.


As a sign of goodwill to all of our neighbours, the Mississippi Mills Public Library Board has resolved to eliminate non-resident fees for library users in Lanark County. Through this decision, library patrons in Beckwith, Carleton Place, Lanark Highlands and Perth, Tay Valley and Drummond/North Elmsley may join MMPL at no charge. Residents must present a valid library card from their home library in order to receive a free membership at the Mississippi Mills Public Library.


What is a reciprocal borrowing agreement?


A reciprocal borrowing agreement between library boards allows residents to use participating library systems without taxpayers paying any additional non-resident or cost sharing fees.


In 2019, the Perth & District Union Public Library and the Mississippi Mills Public Library signed a reciprocal borrowing agreement. On March 18, 2021, the Mississippi Mills Public Library Board signed a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Lanark Highlands Public Library Board. These agreements bring Lanark County libraries one-step closer to open, barrier-free access to resources and information. Through these reciprocal borrowing agreements, MMPL card holders can get a library card at either Perth Public Library or Lanark Highlands for free (no non-resident charge). MMPL Board looks forward to signing a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Carleton Place Public Library Board when they are ready.


“In a perfect world, a library card should be universal,” says MMPL Board Chair Cathy Peacock, “This is a good start.”


Out of region (out of Lanark) residents who choose to join MMPL will continue to pay a small, annual, user fee to join MMPL: Adult membership: $30.00 Children’s membership: $10.00 Family membership: $45.00.


About the Mississippi Mills Public Library


MMPL’s mission is “To inspire lifelong learning, provide equitable access to information, advance knowledge and strengthen our community.” MMPL Board is leading by example. Removing non-resident fees for all Lanark County library users moves us all towards our goal of breaking down barriers and sharing information and resources freely with our neighbours.


Please direct any questions to MMPL CEO Christine Row at crow@mississippimills.ca or 613-256-1037 or to MMPL Board Chair Cathy Peacock at cpeacock@missmillslibrary.com. Please visit www.missmillslibrary.com to learn about library services, programs and news!