Below is a template letter you may find helpful to send to all of your new and returning City, Town and County Councillors.

These can come from the Board Chair or the CEO or both!


[on Letterhead]


November XX, 2018




Via email: [EMAIL]

Dear Councillor [LAST NAME],

On behalf of [name of library/library system], I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on your successful election as [mayor, city councilor, school trustee] of [community/ward] in the 2018 [Municipality] election.

Established in [year], [name of library/library systems] is at the heart of our community in [community]. We are helping our residents of all ages and small businesses thrive by connecting them with information resources and a wide range of programs that respond to local needs, including job and skills training, access to the Internet, language education and high-quality children’s programming. [include some key facts about the programming your library and branches offer – for instance, how many constituents you serve, your economic return on investment, etc.]

We would like to extend an invitation for you to visit [our library/one of our community branches] for a tour and the opportunity to meet our hard-working team and how we’re constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the people of [community/ward]. We will stay in touch with your office in the months ahead to coordinate any details.

We wish you luck as you transition to your new role and look forward to working closely with you as our representative at [City council/the School Board] to ensure that our library is able to continue serving our community.




Congratulatory Letter Template – Municipal 2018 (MS Word)

You may choose to deliver these in person at the Town/City/County Hall offices with a copy of the FOPL publication “Art in Your Wallet: Library Cards and you (and your neighbours)”

We’ll have ordering information out to you soon!