This might be helpful for some libraries and their foundations, charity arms (like formal Friends Groups):

“New Annual General Meeting regulations (Ontario)

The Government of Ontario announced today support for business corporations, not-for-profit corporations, insurers, and share capital social clubs by implementing an Emergency Order to provide flexibility for corporate meetings. Cabinet approved an emergency order that would temporarily suspend certain legislative provisions and set out replacement provisions (related to the Corporations Act (CA) and Business Corporations Act (OBCA)].

This emergency order applies to not-for-profit corporations incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act (CA) and gives them the ability to hold virtual meetings; as well as extends the timeframe for AGMs to be held.

This Emergency Order will enable organizations to:

  • Hold meetings of directors, shareholders and members electronically or over the phone even if legislation (like Ontario’s Corporations Act) or your bylaws say you can’t. The electronic or phone system has to allow people to communicate with each other simultaneously and instantaneously. So, for example, an email chain over a few days likely would not qualify as a meeting.
  • Extend the timeframe by which corporations under the Corporations Act and Business Corporations Act must hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

The deadlines for nonprofits to hold their AGMs are now extended to:

  1. 90 days after the state of emergency is ended by the Ontario government.
  2. If the government ends the state of emergency within 30 days before your current deadline, then you have until 120 days after the state of emergency ends.

The Emergency Order is in effect province-wide and is retroactive to March 17, 2020, the day the Declaration of Emergency came into effect.

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Nonprofit Annual Forms – Canada Revenue Agency

Incorporated nonprofit organizations are required to file an annual form, the T2, with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). In addition, many nonprofit organizations are also required to complete the T1044.

These forms are due six months from the end of an organization’s fiscal year (for example, a fiscal year end of December 31 would have a filing due date of June 30 for these forms). CRA has announced extensions to these forms. If your forms were due (your ”filing due date”) between March 18 and before June 1, 2020, they are now due June 1, 2020.

For organizations that have a December 31 year end, your filing due date remains June 30.

For organizations that have a March 31 year end, your filing due date remains September 30.

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