At our FOPL Board of Directors Meeting on Nov. 18, 2016 the Board approved a new strategic plan for FOPL.

Aligned with this plan are the performance goals of the executive director as well as our collaborative activities with our Libraries 2025 partnerships.

Here’s the plan!:

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Federation of Ontario Public Libraries Strategic Plan 2016-2020, Final Draft

Vision:  One Voice for Ontario’s Public Libraries

The purpose of the Federation is to support and advocate furthering Ontario public libraries and the communities they serve. In order to further strengthen and improve the provision of public library service, the Federation will act in a cooperative manner with other affiliated library organizations to market public libraries’ value and collaboratively, coordinate opportunities to build people capacity within Ontario’s public libraries. To ensure sustainability, the Federation will increase organizational resiliency.

Strategic Objectives and Initiatives 2016-2020

  1. Advocacy & Influence

Positively influence legislation and government initiatives impacting Ontario Libraries

  1. Build relationships with provincial elected officials and civil service to influence government policy and practices
  2. Collaborate with other library associations, organizations and agencies to lobby for public libraries in provincial political arena such as Library Day at Queen’s Park
  3. Support members’ libraries efforts in municipal government advocacy
  4. Support First Nations libraries with national and provincial advocacy
  5. Remain agile to enable timely response to emerging issues and opportunities
  6. Act as a conduit for government to supply information to Public Libraries


  1. Marketing Public Library value and Impact

Coordinate and assist in the implementation of strategic marketing for Ontario Public Libraries

  1. Be recognized as the trusted single voice of Ontario Public Libraries
  2. Inspire and mobilize the library community
  3. Develop and provide research to inform marketing initiatives
  4. Develop province-wide social media marketing campaign tools
  5. Pursue partnerships beyond traditional library partners such as AMO, school boards, vendors and media
  6. Collaborate to create consistent promotional messaging for use by Public Libraries


  1. People Capacity: Training & Development

Provide Ontario’s Public Libraries with professional training and development

  1. Coordinate training opportunities such as seminars, workshops, symposia, and webinars
  2. Collaborate in creation of trustee training tools
  3. Share expertise at professional conferences and events such as OLA Super Conference and Marketing Think Tank
  4. Build consensus in the Ontario Public Library community
  5. Increase awareness of grant and subsidy opportunities


  1. FOPL Organizational Resilience

Increase organizational resiliency

  1. Seek alternate sources of funding to ensure fiscal stability
  2. Grow and retain membership through increased member engagement
  3. More effectively and more frequently communicate with individual members and FOPL caucuses
  4. Increase involvement and contribution of FOPL committees and task groups
  5. Overcome challenges of diversity and geography
  6. Develop a succession plan for Executive Director and Administrative Assistant