New Report Looks at Public Library Re-Opening Strategies in Europe

“From a National Authorities on Public Libraries in Europe (NAPLE) report (July 15, 2020):

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) led to library buildings closing to the public at the start of March 2020. A previous report in April 2020 summarised the measures taken in response to the virus by public libraries in 20 NAPLE member countries, with specific focus on the extent of closures across Europe; the engagement of staff during closures; services offered to the public (both physical and online) while buildings were closed; quarantining of books and other health and safety measures; efforts by libraries to support national healthcare initiatives; and library efforts to address misinformation about the COVID-19 virus.

This follow-up report considers the move towards reopening and, like the previous report, is based on responses from NAPLE members submitted to a shared spreadsheet, and via email, up to July 3 2020. As such it should be seen as a snapshot of this time

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(14 pages; PDF)”