Now and Next: What a Post-COVID World May Bring for Libraries

“The post has ten questions which you (and your library) may want to ponder:

  1. Restrictions on movement have dramatically changed our lives – will we get back to normal?
  2. Many of our activities have ‘pivoted’ to online – will they stay there?
  3. Governments are investing billions into economies – how will they take it back?
  4. Education has been disrupted and delayed – can we limit the scarring effects?
  5. Testing, tracking and emergency powers are helping to fight the pandemic – but will governments be able to let go?
  6. It has become clear that laws and practices were not ready – will we learn the lessons?
  7. Weaknesses and incompleteness in our digital infrastructure have become clear – will we fix them?
  8. The need for global information sharing is obvious – will we make it permanent?
  9. Pollution is down and air quality up – will we learn to live greener lives?
  10. The value of culture in well-being is clear – will we continue to invest in making it a reality?