Reopening Museums & Scenario Planning
Resource Guide on Museum Reopenings

The American Alliance of Museums recommends that museums build flexible plans for reopening that are regularly reviewed and refined based on the latest science. Museums are encouraged to seek legal and other expert advice on their specific circumstances.

  • Develop a phased timeline
  • Establish clear cleaning protocols
  • Review and update your workplace policies
  • Restrict contact, capacity, and access
  • Provide training for staff
  • Communicate clearly and frequently
  • Coordinate your approach and connect with the museum community

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COVID-19 Sample Scenarios:
Three Potential Levels of Impact

The American Alliance of Museums has created a blog post provides that some guidance on using scenarios as a tool to map your museum’s way forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scenarios provide a way of collapsing potential futures into a manageable number of possibilities and provide a framework for planning how you might respond.

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Association of Manitoba Museums:
Resources for Reopening Museums

Association of Manitoba Museums has put together a newsletter message with tips, tricks and suggestions for reopening museums, as well as page with resources for reopening on their website.

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