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Ontario Government Announces Successful Bidder to Spearhead Unprecedented Line-By-Line Audit of Ontario’s Finances

August 14, 2018

TORONTO – Ontario’s Government for the People is taking more steps towards restoring trust and accountability in the province’s public finances. Today Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy announced that EY Canada was the successful bidder to conduct a comprehensive line-by-line audit of all government programs and services.

Building on the work of Ontario’s Auditor General, EY Canada will begin their detailed analysis of the government’s current spending and benchmarking work immediately.

“We have moved quickly and decisively to secure experts to help us fulfill our commitment to end the culture of waste and mismanagement in government,” said Minister Bethlenfalvy. “The people of Ontario deserve a province that is on a healthy financial footing. We are confident that this world-class firm is uniquely equipped to deliver expert advice to help us get there. We will continue to deliver on our promise to restore trust and accountability. The people of Ontario deserve answers.”

Minister Bethlenfalvy also confirmed the government’s promise to launch public consultations. “Make no mistake, this is about much more than tightening our purse strings — in addition to EY Canada’s work, we will keep listening to the people of Ontario about what matters most to them,” he said. “The review will include opportunities for the public, including public servants, to contribute to the audit and help identify where the government can spend smarter and more efficiently, while avoiding job cuts.”

“We’re getting closer to understanding the true financial picture in our province,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Finance. “Through the line-by-line review and Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry we’re going to make practical, responsible choices. The programs and services Ontarians rely on must be sustainable for future generations.”



  • On July 17, 2018, the province issued a public request for bids to competitively acquire consulting services for a line-by-line review of all government programs and services. The deadline for submissions was August 1, 2018.
  • EY Canada was chosen as the successful applicant to conduct the line-by-line review after a thorough evaluation, and based on the selection criteria set out in the public request for bids.
  • The line-by-line review is part of the government’s plan to ensure programs are effective, affordable and sustainable. The review will provide a detailed analysis of current spending, benchmark against other jurisdictions, and identify areas for improvement, including efficiencies and cost savings. The final report will be delivered to the government in the fall and will be posted online for all Ontarians shortly thereafter.
  • Ontario has the highest subnational debt of any jurisdiction in the world. The line-by-line audit will establish a more sustainable baseline to ensure a fiscally healthy government for future generations.


Karl Baldauf
Minister’s Office

Durga Thiru

Treasury Board Secretariat