Section 1: COVID-19 impacts

1. How has the COVID-19 outbreak impacted your personal finances or source of income? Choose all that apply.
2. How has the public health response to COVID-19 (for example, physical distancing, closing non-essential businesses or other emergency orders) affected your workplace, business or organization? Choose all that apply.

Section 2: Crisis response measures

4. What programs has your workplace, business or organization applied to or is planning to apply to for assistance? Choose all that apply.

Section 3: Transition and post-pandemic measures
6. When it comes to your workplace, business or organization, what are you thinking about as you consider the post-pandemic approach and economic recovery? Choose all that apply.
7. What supports would your organization or local business community need as the economy begins to reopen? Choose all that apply.

9. What additional information do you need to put measures in place to keep workers safe when they return? Choose all that apply. How to:

Section 4: About your work

11. Which of the following options best describe you? Choose all that apply.
12. Which industry do you work in?
13. How many employees does your organization have?
14. What was your company’s annual revenue before COVID-19?
15. Where is your workplace located?

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