Ontario Homeschool Support Groups


“Click the links to find and connect with a support group in your local area.  If your group is not listed here, please email support@homeschoolcanada.ca to have it added to our list.


OFTP The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents  The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents serves as a liaison between the Ontario homeschooling community and the Ministry of Education, school boards, Children’s Aid Societies, and any other agencies whose decisions may impact homeschooling families. The OFTP also plays an important role in providing information about home-based education in Ontario.

RVHEA Rideau Valley Home Education Association  The Rideau Valley Home Educators’ Association is a non-profit, volunteer, Christian organization.  Our purpose is to offer support to home schooling families as well as to increase awareness and acceptance of alternative education by the community, school boards and the government.  RVHEA serves a membership made up of families from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec in Canada.  We welcome as members anyone interested in the education of children at home.

OCHEC Ontario Christian Home Educators’ Connection  OCHEC is a Christian province-wide volunteer organization that seeks to connect, support, and equip all those involved in home education in the province of Ontario.  OCHEC endeavours to provide encouragement, ideas and resources to all our members through research and dissemination of information at meetings, conferences, conventions and in a regularly published newsletter.

Cambridge Christian Home Educators  Cambridge Christian Home Educators is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian support group for home educating families in the Cambridge area. While we are a distinctly Christian group, all are welcome.  We are dedicated to providing support and resources to parents who have chosen to educate their children at home.  Our monthly meetings offer ideas, information, and encouragement as well as an excellent library of resources.

Guelph Homeschool Group  The Guelph Homeschool Group (GHG) is an inclusive group supporting homeschoolers in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and its surrounding area, established to help member families make connections, share resources and to provide encouragement for home educating families. Our group is run by our members and reflects the diversity of those members.

KCHEC Kingston Christian Home Educators Chapter  We serve the needs of homeschooling families in the Kingston, Ontario area as a place to meet together, talk about homeschooling and find out what other families are doing. Generally we meet once a month, on the first Monday of the month. People start arriving at 7:30 PM to socialize, the business portion of the meeting starts at 8:00 PM. We discuss outings, upcoming special events of interest and we share information about curriculum. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Homeschool Through High School  Welcome to this site, designed to provide information for homeschoolers applying to university in Ontario, Canada.  Here is where you will find information related to home schooling at the high school level, specifically for Ontario families. Since there are 7 ways to get into university without a high school diploma, there is no reason to stop your home schooling journey just because your child has reached the high school years. Certainly, many families will decide to enter or return to the school system at this point, but I hope the information on this website will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you can get into university without traditional high school, if that’s what your family wants.


Barrie (Ontario) Home Schoolers  A place for Barrie and area parents, who made the choice to educate their children in a better way. Here, you can share ideas, vent problems, find solutions and make friends.  Teaching and Learning is a lot easier if we are not alone.

Barrie Homeschools 2  This is a group for Barrie and area homeschoolers to meet and greet and post trips. Also feel free to post questions and tips relating to all aspects of homeschooling. This is an all encompassing group and everyone is welcome. Please keep your posts respectful. Unless specified all events are for parents and children to learn and socialize together. These events are not drop off events. We are all responsible for our own families. Enjoy your homeschooling as we learn and grow together!

York Region Homeschoolers  This group is a supportive and positive place for homeschoolers to come together. There are postings for activities, curriculum and homeschool related topics.

An Announcement List for Home Learning Families in Ontario  An announcement list for home learning families in Ontario: to share information for upcoming trips, classes, events, plays, functions, meetings… anything that home learning families may want to join in!  This list is intended ONLY for announcements about trips, gatherings and events. General homeschooling comments, websites unrelated to trips, and anything other than trip postings should be left off this list.

Hamilton Homeschool  Hamilton Homeschool consists of a Network of Homeschooling families and support groups, offering resources, activities, information for homeschoolers residing in Hamilton Wentworth, Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough Stoney Creek, Caledonia, Waterdown, & Surrounding areas in Ontario.

Muskoka Homeschoolers Linked  Muskoka Homeschoolers Linked–MHSL E-group’s goal is to establish an on-line community for the ever-growing number of Homeschooling families living full or part-time in the Muskoka, Parry Sound and Almaguin Areas. Its purpose is to give homeschoolers a place to share field trip ideas, fun outings or educational events, dates and times, curriculum ideas or questions, group meeting dates and time reminders, craft ideas, book recommendations, educational websites, used curriculum, local curriculum sales, as well as additional daily support and a discussion place for homeschooling families. It is open to individuals of all faiths and educational philosophies.

NeighborhoodHSExchange  This group,for the greater Durham region of Ontario, is for Homeschoolers to connect, exchange information on outings, curriculum for sale or needed, homeschooling questions, recreational opportunities and any other subject related to homeschooling.

Niagara Area Homeschool Group  NiagaraAreaHomeschoolGroup is an inclusive and co-operative group of home educating parents, interested in supporting one another and creating fun and educational opportunities for our kids! We are all based in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Group members include those who use traditional methods, Charlotte Mason,
classical, unschooling & those who are considering home educating. The group has regular activities such as play groups, weekly skating, monthly book club ,chess club, Mad Science and other parent initiated field trips. The activities are dependent on the members as it is truly a cooperative!

Osgoode District Home Educators   Osgoode District Home Educators is a support group for homeschooling families living in and around Osgoode Township (south of Ottawa). The Osgoode District Home Educators provide opportunities for families to get together for field trips, club days, special occasion theme days and other educational activities. All group members are welcome to plan activities and post them to the group.

Peterborough Area Homeschoolers  Peterborough Area Homeschoolers If you live in Peterborough, Lindsay, the Kawarthas, Millbrook, Lakefield, Norwood, Havelock or anywhere in between and you homeschool, then come and join us here! This is a forum for discussing Homeschooling in general and sharing information about local events of interest to Homeschoolers. We welcome diversity and encourage respect of each others teaching methods, culture and religious backgrounds.

Kingston Homeschool Connection  Kingston and Area homeschool families connect to share activities, learning experiences, ideas, and stories. Regular homeschool activities and field trips are planned. If you live in Kingston, Ontario or area and are homeschooling please join our group for free activities and ideas.

Homeschool Friends Ontario  This e-list is a sort of online social registry for homeschoolers in Ontario to connect with each other family-to-family.  It is NOT an online discussion group NOR a place to post announcements about events.  Its role is to facilitate the development of friendships among our kids (and only secondarily among ourselves) by providing a way for individual families to make first contact with each other. The friendship-building itself, however, happens off-list, real person to real person in the non-virtual world, so by default your reply to any post will go to the person posting, not to the group.

Higher Ed for Home Learners  This is a forum created to encourage dialogue about the transition of Canadian homeschooled students into post-secondary education. We invite home educating families and anyone with an interest in broadening our understanding of the admissions process in Canada to join and share their knowledge and experience. This list is sponsored by the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents and is part of our ongoing investigation into this issue.

Ontario Home Education  Welcome!!!  Hoping to have a group of people share information about home educating their children. Other terms for Home Education include homeschool, unschool… French or English are welcome.  If you are home educating in Ontario please join in the discussion.  People from all walks of life and other Provinces are welcomed to join, as well as people that wish to stay informed about alternative education options.

Ontario Home School Community  OHSC list is for _all_ homeschoolers in Ontario, Canada. All considering homeschooling as an option for their family, and all academic professionals who are curious about homeschooling, are invited to join as well.

Home Educator’s Network  Serving Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville & areas North of Toronto that include Orillia, Barrie and the small but important towns in between!
Open to all individuals of all faiths and all educational philosophies whose focus is the child, health and healing. This group is inclusive of ALL children, at ALL learning levels.

Homeschool Association – North Simcoe  We are an inclusive, local, relevant organization, enveloping all groups to meet the needs of North Simcoe Home Schoolers.
Encompassing Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, Midland and all communities in between.”