The Ontario Provincial Election is a critical opportunity for the library sector to capture the attention of political parties and candidates & secure their support to address the critical gaps that continue to confront Ontario’s libraries and the many individuals and families across the province that depend on them.

You can help advocate for libraries!

There are lots of ways that your library can engage in the upcoming election to make sure that libraries are recognized for their important contributions to municipalities, First Nations and schools:

  1. Meet with Candidates or Campaign Staff (Starting now!) 
  2. Write or email a letter / questionnaire to local Candidates.
  3. Engage through social media.
  4. Ask key questions at town hall meetings and all-candidates debates.

Check out OLA and FOPL’s Elections Toolkit for tips, templates and more!

Don’t forget to keep OLA & FOPL up to date on your meetings by filling out the candidate meeting worksheet!