It’s time to advocate.

2018 is a double election year in Ontario – provincial (June 7) and municipal (October 22).  This represents a huge opportunity for Ontario’s nonprofit sector: let’s remind all political parties and candidates seeking office of our sector’s huge community impact. Every Ontarian is connected to a public benefit nonprofit – for example, through the cultural festival on the weekend, an environmental program at a local park, social housing services, the hockey league at the town arena, a child care program, or community research on food security.

Public benefit nonprofits have an ear to the ground and are positioned to see firsthand when communities are struggling, and to mobilize people to create bold and lasting solutions. We know the issues our communities are facing. Who better to inform future leaders?

ONN has created an election advocacy toolkit for organizations from across the province to use. Whether you are big or small, volunteer-based or with staff, rural or urban, we think that there are some tips, strategies, and ideas in here for your organization. Understand the rules, but don’t be intimidated by them. Share your stories and knowledge. Encourage voting and participation in the election process.

We believe that public benefit nonprofits make democracy stronger. We can play a more active role in public policy and during elections, building bridges between community and governments. We encourage you to join us, monitor and contribute to our Election 2018 work and take advantage of this opportunity to share your voices and experiences.

It’s time to advocate, together.

And we can help:

All this and more is on our Election 2018 webpage.