Nonprofit advocacy matters

Canadian nonprofits strengthen communities, contribute to the GDP, and employ over two million people. The 2019 federal election is coming so let’s take advantage of this increased awareness of issues our sector and communities care about.

Although we primarily work on provincial policy issues, ONN is advocating during the federal election on three main issues that have a critical impact on our provincial network of nonprofits.

Why it matters that nonprofits advocate

Community experience, coupled with the ability to convene and amplify voices, make nonprofits uniquely positioned to build bridges between the government and the communities nonprofits serve. When nonprofits advocate, they:

  • Empower communities

  • Strengthen democracy

  • Influence public policy for the better

  • Help fulfill their mission

How to advocate

There are many ways for your nonprofit to engage in advocacy work. Here are some free resources to help you get started:

Advocacy toolkit
Advocacy tipsheet
Election rules guide

What ONN is advocating for

We are advocating for three issues that affect our provincial network of nonprofits:

  1. The promotion of gender equality through labour market measures intended to support women-majority sectors like the nonprofit sector.
  2. Legal frameworks for public benefit nonprofits that support the nonprofit sector’s mission-focused work.
  3. Recognition of the role that public benefit nonprofits play in building inclusive local economies.
Learn about our Federal election asks

Please share these resources widely with your network. We operate under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Licence, so you can share, print and post widely. And if possible, we always appreciate crediting: Created by the Ontario Nonprofit Network.

What matters to you and your communities?

We want to know what policy issues you want political parties to pay attention to. Now is the time to share your stories, meet with prospective MPs, and focus voters’ attention on what matters to your community.

Share your election asks with our network by tagging ONN on social media (Twitter: @o_n_n, Facebook and Linkedin: @Ontario Nonprofit Network) and by using the hashtag #nonprofitsadvocate.