Here is another report on Education Partnerships that combines data and text fields.   This report has three data and information sheets organized alphabetically by library.  The first sheet in the report is on Education Partnerships and includes number, type of education partnerships (e.g. early childhood organizations, schools and school boards, colleges, universities and distance education), and education (text / write-in field) highlights.   The first sheet also has a key at the foot of it, but I’ve included it in the text of this email below.   The second sheet covers Other (additional) Education partnerships that libraries wrote in that they have.   The third sheet covers library education programs and attendees focusing on programs for children and teens.  There is a  fourth sheet that shows the Annual Survey’s survey questions the report draws upon.   Data and information in this report can assist FOPL and partner organizations in advocacy work for the sector, including reaching out to the education ministries.  As always the same reports have been provided to Ministry policy staff for their consideration such as in work with the education ministries.

Data in the attached report duplicates what you can locate in the existing provincial level Summary and Comparison Report and in Open Data to some extent.   However, the attached report groups information on public library partnerships with the education sector and provides the information on a library by library basis.   The text fields are not located in the published Ontario Public Library Statistics Open data or standard reports and provide qualitative / anecdotal evidence to draw on that supports and complements the data.

Key noted in the foot of Education Partnerships Sheet 1:

In this report, 247 public libraries and First Nation public libraries report 697 partnerships with the Education Sector.
81 report Community College partnerships
57 report Distance Education partnerships
165 report  Early Childhood Organization partnerships
206 report School Board, local school and First Nation Education Authority partnerships
54 report University partnerships
For 134 Other Education Sector Partnerships, see “Other Education Partnerships” sheet two of this report.


Key:  Explanation of above table:



Asphodel-Norwood Number of Education Sector Partnerships 5
Early Childhood Organizations ü
School boards, including local schools and local education authorities ü
Distance Education ü
Other Education Sector Partners 2 See “Other Education Partnerships” Sheet 2 of this report.
Library – Education Sector Partnerships – Highlights and Examples   Library tours, Story Times, craft events with two elementary schools and one daycare centre. Group visits from the PFRC Hub.  Exam proctoring and study space. Opportunities for High School volunteers/work experience.  CEO/Librarian is part of the Peterborough Healthy Families Committee which hosts two speaker events each year on a variety of parenting-related topics.
Asphodel-Norwood Public Library has reported 5 Education sector partnerships in total.  This includes Early Childhood Organizations, Schools boards including local schools, and distance education
partnerships and two Other Education sector partners.   The two Other Education partners are detailed on Sheet 2, “Other Education Partnerships”.
The library has reported on some highlights and examples of its education partnership work, including library tours, story times, craft events, exam proctoring and speaker events on parenting topics.

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Copy of Education Partnerships, reported in 2017 Annual Survey