Ontario Public Library Week will take place during the third week of October (October 16 – 22, 2016). As you look ahead to the fall months, we encourage you to incorporate appropriately themed events and activities into your library’s fall programming schedule.

What’s next?

PREORDER AVAILABLE: Printed bookmarks and posters (available in French and English)
You can now preorder posters and bookmarks for Ontario Public Library Week through The Library Marketplace. While OLA will cover the printing costs of materials, all libraries and community partners will be responsible for covering shipping costs for their items. Designs of posters and bookmarks will be revealed in late August. The deadline to place your posters and bookmarks is September 9.

Downloadable materials
Electronic materials and resources for Ontario Public Library Week will be made available in late August. Keep checking your inbox or visit www.oplw.ca for more information.

Ontario Public Library Week launch event

OLA will also be working alongside the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport to plan an Ontario Public Library Week launch event. All members are welcome to attend this free event. More details will be shared as they become available.