Ontario reveals new picture of how COVID-19 has hit cities, regions

“A new report from Public Health Ontario is breaking down the COVID-19 pandemic by region, and showing how different cities and areas have done when it comes to curbing the spread of the dangerous virus.

The report also includes details on the reproduction number — the average number of secondary cases of infection generated by each person with COVID-19 — as well as the likely sources of acquisition and how they’ve changed since March.

In Toronto, for example, the main source of acquisition is now close contact, where it had previously been outbreaks (like those in long-term care homes) and travel.

The basic reproduction number is now around one. Early in the pandemic, it was over two. For more on this key measurement tool, check out this story.

Here’s a look at the city’s curve from the report:”

Here’s a look at how Toronto’s COVID-19 cases have changed over the past few months. (Public Health Ontario)

You can read the document for yourself in the PDF below and see how your community is doing. If anything in the data stands out to you, feel free to get in touch at: TOnews@cbc.ca.


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