Follow the link: https://www.orion.on.ca/2017/2017-in-review/

“This was an exciting year for ORION. In 2017, we embraced our role as champions of Ontario’s innovation community while expanding our reach, improving our products and services, and making new investments in our network.

We brought ORION to more communities and institutions than ever before. We are hard at work improving the advanced technology of our network and are moving forward with plans to provide our private, reliable, high-speed connectivity to researchers, educators and innovators in Northern Ontario — including a project bringing 100 gigabit per second access to Thunder Bay and Sudbury. We’re determined to bring them and the rest of our community the digital tools they need to make groundbreaking advances: whether it’s new ways to care for the health of premature infants, turning libraries into 21st-century community hubs, or enabling students to explore the world without even leaving their classroom.

And we’ve continued to remain in touch with innovators across our community, keeping abreast of their needs and desires as we advocate on their behalf and empower them to make Ontario a global leader.”