There is some wisdom here to adapy for public libraries as we prepare for more outdoor program activities.

Kids will need recess more than ever when returning to school post-coronavirus

“5 recommendations

In collaboration with local health officials, schools could consider the following recommendations:

  1. Count recess as instructional time to enable teachers to remain with and support their class, and provide a separate dedicated break time for the teacher.
  2. Schedule at least two sustained periods of recess every day for every child and hold it outdoors whenever possible.
  3. Engage children in planning and ensure they include a continuum of options to choose from. Engage them in setting expectations and rules for health and safety. Provide leadership opportunities for students to help support each other, maintain the equipment and emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  4. Avoid strict rules like “no running” and “no ball throwing” that can undermine the benefits of play and physical activity.
  5. Don’t withhold recess as punishment for missed schoolwork, poor classroom behaviour or any other reason. Instead, ensure that all children have access, feel safe and included and are able to experience meaningful and playful engagement.

This pandemic provides us with an opportunity to rethink — and redesign — the way we support social connection and opportunities for informal play and recreation in school.”