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Over 60% of Canada’s restaurants could close by November

“More than half of Canada’s restaurant establishments could face closures in the next three months if aid isn’t provided long-term.

In a report published on August 26, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce highlighted that 60% of the restaurant industry in Canada could close by November of this year.

The Canadian Survey on Business Conditions discovered that 29% of food service businesses, as well as accommodations, can’t operate with physical distancing measures in place.

Only 31% will be able to run for up to 90 days with these measures, thereby leading 60% of the industry to crumble in the next three months, according to the release.

Due to job loss and the hit on accommodation and food service industries from COVID-19, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, along with 15 restaurants and food businesses, have launched the “Our Restaurants” campaign.

“The ‘Our Restaurants’ campaign underscores the urgent need for Canadians – both the public and our governments – to come together to support these businesses in their time of need,” said the president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Honourable Perrin Beatty.

“Our Restaurants” highlights the struggles faced with high costs, fewer customers, and government programs that they find “ill-equipped” for the long-term challenges the food industry faces.

The campaign, which is national and bilingual, is backed by several restaurants and businesses that had dealt with the struggles during the pandemic, such as Boston Pizza, Firkin Group of Pubs, Molson Coors Beverage Company, Paramount Fine Foods and Pizza Pizza, among several others.

Paul J. Bognar, president and chief operating officer at Service Inspired Restaurant, said that “operating at 50% capacity in a business that has very low profit margins at the best of times is extremely difficult if not impossible.”

“We need support from all levels of government to help us through these difficult times particularly in regards to occupancy costs. We ask for your support to lobby our government representatives to get immediate action,” said Bognar.

“We want to be here in the future to serve you.””