Oxford County Library is celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary with a contest of interesting things to do at the library


“Libraries can be more than just a place to browse the stacks and check out books.

As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Oxford County Library is collecting a list of 150 things to do at the library.

All year patrons will be asked to contribute to the list by sharing personal photos or detailing their favorite library moments.

“We’re celebrating 2017 as a year of discovery and sharing,” said chief librarian Lisa Miettinen. “This contest encourages library users to share their favourite library moments to help others discover new and interesting ways to interact with the library. In fact, many people may be surprised to learn about all the different things you can do at the Oxford County Library.

Launched on Friday, systems support librarian Sarah McDonald said they already had some patrons upload their ideas onto the web page www.ocl.net/CAN150atOCL.”