Partnership Opportunity with Parks and Recreation

I was honoured to present the provincial public library situation at the PRO Ontario executive summit last week ( (PRO is the result of a merger of most of the Ontario P&R associations about 15 years ago).  At that conference, which had record attendance to discuss the issues and opportunities, PRO launched a new reading program for Parks and Recreation municipal departments.

I noted that every public library system in the province would be delighted to partner with PRO and their local parks and rec departments.  Public Libraries are great partners and we have deep experience in great reading programs like TD Summer reading and The Forest of Trees.  We know, as library folks, that healthy bodies, healthy minds and linked.  So here’s the background:

  1. PRO is celebrating their 15th Anniversary of the widely recognized, award winning, HIGH FIVE(r) program that is very widely adopted across Ontario and spreading nationally and they hope internationally.
  2. PRO has partnered with Orca Book Publishers – the Canadian publisher – and their new series of children’s books Lucy Tries Sports children’s books that encourage reading and active lifestyles for kids.
  3. This campaign is called #HIGHFIVElovesLucy and is launching this month.  It was officially announced at the PRO conference.

So, here’s what you can do:

  1. Expect a call from your Parks and Rec folks (or call them and have a conversation and #HIGHFIVElovesLucy).
  2. Be prepared and learn more about HIGH FIVE if you don’t already and Lucy Tries Sports children’s books.
  3. Get out ahead of the curve and consider adding Lucy Tries Sports children’s books to your collection since there may be demand generated by P&R. Consider a display.
  4. Consider offering to help promote joint activities to the target audience of tweens and younger teens.

Campaign Launch: HIGH FIVE® Loves Lucy!

Lucy loves being active and trying new sports. HIGH FIVE loves using the 5 Principles of healthy child development to create positive experiences for kids in sports. What a perfect team!

Now, it’s your turn to get in the game and help Lucy and HIGH FIVE promote physical activity and healthy and happy children playing sports across Canada!

Ask a child in your life what sport they want to try and tweet it using #HIGHFIVElovesLucy along with an awesome photo/video of you together! You’ll have a chance to win a prize pack valued at $50 including kids’ sports stuff, HIGH FIVE swag and 2 Lucy Tries Sports children’s books! But, just like in sport, it’s not just about winning. It’s about playing with a positive message and helping others to be their best.

Kids like Lucy are at their best when they have positive experiences in sport, recreation and physical activity!


Special Offer: Use promo code “HIGH5” for 25% off your purchase of any Lucy title!


HIGH FIVE loves Lucy Campaign Rules and Regulations