The City of Pickering was recently selected as one of the world’s smart21 communities of 2017.  The selection process focused heavily on Pickering Public Library’s contribution to creating a smart community through access to technology and skills training.

PPL is one of only 12 libraries in North America (and the only Canadian library system) selected through an application process by InfoPeople in California to participate in the Building an Effective Learning Culture Initiative (BELC).  This online team learning organization course runs from January-June 2017 and by participating we will be part of a large library community of practice focused on becoming a learning org. Infopeople’s press release is attached and you can learn more on their website at .   One of our major projects for 2016 was building a learning culture and CEO Cathy Grant feels that “we have been successful at getting in the right groove.  (This is something that you don’t ever achieve finishing.  This course should help us on the next stage of our journey and I look forward to sharing our learnings.”