This is one of the most exciting annual events at OLA Super Conference.  FOPL highly recommends that CEO’s and Library Board members attend the Library Board Trustee Boot Camp Feb. 2 Toronto, especially this year, the first year of the 4-year Board mandate.  A special treat this year is a presentation from AMO/AMCTO.

This is the provincial orientation you need!

Library Board Trustee Boot Camp

(All Day) Saturday, Feb 02
8:30 am

OLBA Annual Meeting & Breakfast

ICTC Ballroom PF
Saturday, Feb 02
9:00 am

Being a Productive Member of Your Library Board

Brandon Fratarcangeli, Anne Marie Madziak

ICTC Ballroom
Saturday, Feb 02
10:15 am
In addition to providing an overview of the core requirements of a board and what new board members need to know this session will present on decision making strategies and principles, including how all parties, the board and CEO, can pool their expertise and rely on each other’s contributions to make the best decisions in light of the best thinking available at the time.

Building a Board That Reflects Your Community

Michelle Boyce, Rochelle Ivri

ICTC Ballroom
Saturday, Feb 02
11:30 am

A library board should be a high-performing team. To best accomplish this means that we need individual leaders who draw on diverse sets of life experiences and cultural backgrounds, which strengthens board deliberations and decision-making. Effective boards should work to build a culture of trust, candor, and respect; the hallmarks of inclusive culture.

Awareness of how systemic inequities have, and continue to, affect our society, and those our libraries serve helps us avoid creating gaps in our strategies and creates powerful opportunities to deepen our impact, relevance, and advancement of the public good. This panel will be speaking on diversity, intersectionality and representation on library boards.

Using Economic Impact Studies for Library Advocacy

Shaun McDonough, Deborah Walker

ICTC Ballroom
Saturday, Feb 02
1:45 pm

Learn how to use economic impact studies (EIS) in municipal advocacy, to demonstrate library value and help municipal policymakers connect library services and impacts to your city’s prosperity and success.

Through interactive dialogue, attendees will be engaged in the sharing of experiences and ideas for municipal advocacy strategies.

Attendees will learn:
1. How to use the lens of the EIS to connect the taxpayers’ investment in public libraries to their City’s prosperity and success.
2. How to use EIS data to engage external stakeholders in the library’s narrative around fiscal stewardship and a thriving community.
3. How to integrate the EIS into a broader advocacy toolkit designed to engage Ontario’s newly elected municipal Councillors.

What’s Keeping Library Boards Up At Night?

ICTC Ballroom
Saturday, Feb 02
3:00 pm
This session will explore pressing issues that were discussed at the 2017 Trustee Bootcamp. Representatives from three different library boards will discuss how their team is tackling their priority issues.

Municipalities: What Public Library Boards’ Need to Know

ICTC Ballroom

The 2018 Municipal Elections marked a fresh start for municipalities and all of the local organizations that provide important services to communities. A vibrant community is a result of a shared vision, an understanding of how municipal government works, and good relationships between the various entities. As public library boards across Ontario embark on the next four years, our panel will discuss the relationship between the public library board and the municipality and key priorities of municipalities that public library boards need to be aware of.