Education Savings Incentives Resource Page

The Government also offers additional education savings incentives linked to RESPs, specifically the Canada Learning Bond and the Canada Education Savings Grant.

The Canada Learning Bond provides eligible children from low-income families, born in or after 2004, with up to $2,000 towards their education after high school.

The Canada Education Savings Grant is money the Government of Canada provides in addition to personal contributions to a child’s RESP.

Financial assistance for older children and students is also available. The Canada Student Loans Program offers repayable loans and non-repayable grants to help Canadians pay for their post-secondary education.

Education Savings Week (the third week in November) coincides with:

–Financial Literacy Month (November);

–National Child Day (November 20th); and

Financial Planning Week

We are pleased to invite you to the Education Savings Incentives Resource Page. This resource page is designed to bring partners and stakeholders together to help promote the benefits of early savings in Registered Education Savings Plans for the post-secondary education of children.

This page also contains the following tools:

  • a presentation deck;
  • a factsheet;
  • posters and infographics;
  • sample news articles;
  • a guide on how to organize a Canada Learning bond sign-up event in your community;
  • as well as space for discussions, photos and blog posts

You will also find detailed information on the activities and events planned for Education Savings Week, including the more than 50 Canada Learning Bond sign-up events, planned and organized by our community partners, and taking place from November 19-25.

We encourage you to post your own events, photographs, thoughts and ideas, as well as upload any resources and tools that you have developed and would like to share with other organizations. The page is designed for networking and sharing information with like-minded partners. It is hosted by GCcollab, an open source, cloud-based, social networking and collaboration tool hosted by the Government of Canada.

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