Dear First Nation Public Library and Public Library CEOs,

As part of Ontario’s plan to strengthen culture and communities across the province, the Ontario Culture Strategy contains an action to work with First Nation Public Libraries (FNPLs) to better understand their unique needs and identify opportunities for responding through improved supports.

As part of this work, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) contracted NVision Insight Group to conduct a Needs Assessment of FNPLs and write a report. I am pleased to now share this report with you.

The Ontario First Nations Public Libraries Needs Assessment Report delivers recommendations and outlines the conclusion that FNPLs function as vital community hubs, supporting community literacy and providing First Nation-specific and Indigenous resources to children and youth.

Forty FNPLs shared their knowledge and experience during the process, which included group meetings, phone interviews, and an online survey. I would like to thank all of the FNPLs for their invaluable input, and I want to signal our commitment to continuing to work on the important issues raised by the report.

The final report delivers recommendations divided into the four following themes:

  1. Improve funding structures, formulas and supports
  2. Support the management, preservation and revitalization of First Nation languages and cultural resources and programming
  3. Improve coordination and advocacy
  4. Streamline and simplify reporting processes and expand eligible expenses.

As we move forward, MTCS will consider these recommendations as we implement the Culture Strategy commitment to review and update provincial programs for public libraries.

We look forward to your continued input into these important activities.


Kevin Finnerty

Assistant Deputy Minister – Culture Division

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

FNPL FINAL Needs Assessment_Oct 2017