Report: “Reconfiguring a Library Service Model to Reduce Exposure”

“From a Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Blog Post:

In response to COVID-19 in Australia, The University of Wollongong decided that students would now learn off-site, but at the time of writing, our domestic campus locations would remain open, including the University Library on the Wollongong campus site, albeit with significant restrictions to face-to-face services. 

At the library, we are committed to reducing the exposure of our frontline staff and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. Transitioning 90% of our staff to working remotely required a rethink of our critical client-facing services. Direct, face-to-face enquiries within the library building had to be addressed, and while we were already operating a proactive chat service through the Springshare client, there was a need to support the expected increase in live chat interactions, with the added complexity of most of those staff delivering the service working from home most of the time. 

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