Last month FOPL and OLA met with Hannah Andersen, Policy Advisor for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. We discussed FOPL and OLA’s main priorities, keeping with what we submitted for the 2022 provincial budget requests. Hannah was very responsive, and we discussed the Ontario Digital Public Library and the need for sustainable funding for public libraries on reserve at length.

In October, FOPL and OLA will be requesting meetings with various members of the elected PC Caucus. We are hoping to build support for our requests within the party.

FOPL continues to monitor the implications of the Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act for libraries and their boards. The province has posted its proposed regulations under the Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act for consultation, with comments due by October 13th. FOPL will be submitting a brief, joint response with OLA to the regulatory consultation at the advice of Counsel Public Affairs. I will have more information with my next update email. Keep in mind that this Act is limited to Toronto and Ottawa at this time.

I have attached two advocacy postcards; Keeping Public Libraries Independent and The Value of Public Libraries. Please feel free to use these as we near the municipal elections and afterwards as you orient your new boards and meet with councils. If you would like a set of postcards to hand out to your new boards, we have a limited supply of surplus from our conferences. Please send me an email with the general number of members on your board and FOPL will be happy to send you some (while supplies last).