Episode 10

COVID-19: How to Cope with Ongoing Isolation

Wondering how COVID-19 is affecting your mental health? Looking for strategies to reduce feelings of stress and loneliness during COVID-19?

Join Brigham Young University psychology and neuroscience professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad as she shares her insight into how social distancing practices are affecting our minds, why relationships are important, and helpful habits we can implement to cope. Professor Holt-Lunstad has been researching the long-term health effects of social connection for over a decade, and she currently serves as a scientific advisor for the Australian Coalition to End Loneliness and the Foundation for Art & Healing. Come ready to learn about:

  • Isolation vs. Loneliness
  • Benefits of positive relationships
  • Signs of loneliness within ourselves
  • Strategies for maintaining positive mental health


Date: Wed, August 5
Time: 1pm ET / 5pm GMT
Place: Online
Can’t attend the live webinar?

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