And further digging into the recently released statistics from the 2015 Ontario Data Collection.

We expect to have a FOPL updated summary report in February!

But here’s some fun (at least for me as executive director!) numbers about Social Media in Ontario Public Libraries as of 2015:

Social media presence?

270 H1.3.1.T  Yes
53 H1.3.2.10  Instagram
51 H1.3.2.11  Blogs
146 H1.3.2.12  Twitter
263 H1.3.2.13  Facebook
33 H1.3.2.14  Google+
22 H1.3.2.15  RSS feeds
22 H1.3.2.16  Flickr
87 H1.3.2.17  YouTube
31 H1.3.2.18  LinkedIn
94 H1.3.2.19  Pinterest
10 H1.3.2.20  Tumblr
48 H1.3.2.90  Other Social Media

This is data from approximately 306 library systems in Ontario.