Survey Aims to Capture Library Digital Activity and Community Contribution

In collaboration with Counting Opinions, the EveryLibrary Institute is launching the eMeasures Snapshot survey — designed to capture your library’s digital activity and community contribution, along with several COVID-19 specific questions.

“We anticipate that libraries will experience some challenges in the near future, and they will be expected to play a critical role in what may be a surprisingly different future for so many people. It’s hard to foresee what is to come, but having good data that shows the strengths and the opportunities for libraries is a strategy we have always embraced and we are proud to have EveryLibrary Institute as our partner on this project,” said Carl Thompson, president of Counting Opinions.

The EveryLibrary Institute is committed to helping libraries clearly demonstrate their community value in the digital sphere during COVID-19 and beyond. The recent shutdowns to public access have presented library leaders with a new and unique set of challenges for measuring and reporting their digital, online, and virtual activities. Additionally, the eMeasures Survey enables libraries to benchmark themselves with other libraries across the country.

Survey results are designed for local, regional, and national planning, advocacy, communications, and awareness efforts. For more information, or to participate in the survey visit

Ryan Patrick
Director, Customer Support
Counting Opinions