Self-reported data from approximately 380 public libraries, First Nation public libraries and contracting organizations. The data includes:

  • general information including address
  • financial information
  • holdings information
  • staffing information
  • facilities information
  • activities information including typical week data
  • partnership information (2011 onwards)

Data from 2011 and onwards is from a refreshed database.  New fields were added for:

  • provincial funding types
  • project grant types
  • special collections holdings
  • circulation of E-resources including E-books
  • lending laptops
  • program types
  • readers advisory transactions
  • information technology support

In 2012, new fields were added for:

  • E-readers
  • requests for accessible format materials
  • business and economic partnerships.

In 2013 more fields were added for social media visits and other professional staff.

In 2016 a field was added for indigenous language training and retention, while circulating and reference holdings information was combined.

In 2017 fields were added for e-learning services, students hired for a summer or semester, circulating wireless hot spots, and library service visits to residence-bound people.

The database uses the common name “LibStats”.