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And this is why coffee is so important – or having coffee with others (tea works too)

Exploring the Holroyd Latte Index

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Exploring the Holroyd Latte Index

“There is not a small town or city in Canada that doesn’t obsess about attracting and retaining professionals. Getting teachers to come to smaller towns and rural areas is a challenge, but even larger centres have trouble attracting medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, and top IT talent. In a robust job market, like we have now, getting high-demand professionals to relocate to non-metropolitan centres is a formidable challenge for municipal leaders.”

“Dr. Carin Holroyd – a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, an unrepentant Vancouverite, and a small-town admirer – has given a great deal of thought to these issues. She has created, unofficially, the “Holroyd Latte Index” to describe what she thinks is an important indicator of community vitality. The Holroyd Index rates towns based on the quality, variety, and character of the cafes in the community.”